Mani Redlyn's Snaps

Goodnight, Glitchen.
Final bye.
Going out with a large gathering. Even if its the laggiest. :)...
Sweet. Fluffy. Cozy. ^_^
Beam me down, Scotty!
Where my Glitch living started. Back to Shak Shales. I wish I...
And to capture this beautiful street, with goodbye notes all...
I got to the top... or did I get to the bottom? Who knows?
But... I'm standing on candy. You call this a punishment? :P
Dead rooks...
Kitties! Are they heli kitties?
Mmmm... *drooling* okay this is making me hungry.
How cuuute!
Brrr... good thing I have this toasty fire!
The river.
Someone broke out! Hehe.
This town...
Pretty plants. Yet so gloomy.
What a view.
Ah, Ancestral Lands without the timer. lol
Those are some interesting... fireflies?
Welp, I found a Forehorseman.
Ohnoes! Lava!
So serene...
Woo! Giant piano!
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