Ethelind's Snaps

oh hell
Grendaline calls the other giants..
The final note!
On the quest..
Winter Haven
Chilly place!
A visitor!
Do you feel the need for a pea? (Glam Castle 6th floor)
In the Ancient Machine Hall, working away. (Glam Castle 5th floor)
Second Floor Underway in Glam Castle!
Come visit the Ethelindorium!
Ethelind's New Tower--Come Visit!
at Lilc's home
I was quicker!
Two foxes
Peering into Piryan
With the Giant jumping Yeti!
When yeti roamed the earth...
Finally, I join the ranks of Giants and Yeti!
A midget among Giants. :)
Among Giants. tee-hee
Summer Party fun!
Looking for the secret spot to turn into a Giant.
Cool rainbow jumping!
A Summer Celebration to cool off!
home agin!
Ready to jump...
going for a swim?
a Summer's Day...
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