Sirentist's Snaps

Almost done!
In my mind I am always this big.
I'm probably more amused by this than I should be.
When they complain, they all complain at once: a chorus of...
The end of an era ... :(
Haunted House?
Yeah, right. He just wants me to get in the hot tub with him.
Yay! Evil and Good Party!
This just never stops being hilarious.
I'm going to take a snapshot every time this happens.
I think the game gave me this out of pity for failing so...
New Trophies!
We are super sneaky.
Nekkid Moon Party
OMG so many people. In my house.
OMG People in my house.
I had no idea it clapped for me if I did it in fewer than...
Originally snapped at 8:27 on July 14, 2012; never published;...
Levitating Escapee Piggies
Fun Times at Siren's Tower
My New Tower.
The Jesus Chair
Hey. Where did that chicken come from?