Scarlett Bearsdale's Snaps

Last party in time.
Chester has the last laugh.
One last hurrah
Tower Floors 5 and 6: Zille Appreciation Parlour (with...
Tower top floors: Eye of the Giants and Gem Therapy Meditation Room.
He used to be a glitch like you, but then he took an arrow to the...
Cheek to cheek with, yes, even the rube.
a sleeping batt
We are legion.
waiting for victims-I-mean-visitors
Sat here and listened to the lovely piano piece, and then it...
ohai var
My front yard.
Something's happening to me, guys ...
Then I celebrated my own life.
I died and didn't go to hell. hmmm.
Just three rooks, pecking away at Old Faithful ...
the "standard" bureaucratic hall
sometimes I'm in this version of the Bureaucratic Hall - not sure...
joining in the rook shenanigans
My house! Desperately needs some balconies, amirite?
Everybody trying on new outfits ...
Herd of pigs grew again!
I feel at my most photorealistically rendered here.
Me n my pigs
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