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Who says Glitchen can't swim?? :D
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Glitchy Magritte
Winner winner
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Fyo Daycare
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Staring Contest in HELL.
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Winter Walk! Changed into my cold-weather outfit for this... :)
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I made a kids bedroom! (and no that is NOT weird... I promise!!)
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Oh my glob that sun is so cute.
Near the end of the Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth
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I give you Clint Eastwood and "The Empty Chair".
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This is Zilloween, This is Zilloween....
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first time in abysmal thrill
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boy those rocks are HUUUUUGGGEEEEE
HELP! They are multiplying! I believe they are plotting an attack!
Hell Furniture
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I will to accept love?
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and with this room, I thee no one ?
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My punishment for trying to get at the booze...
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Relaxing after a hard day of shooting
On the set of Pollokoo Pipe Plumber 7
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I've moved to Slip n' Slide. Never to return again, farewell Ur!
The First Ever UR Porn Movie...........Soapy Twins!
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I shall run nakey through the lands of Ur until Battra kisses me...
the ex.
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Best Stoot quote ever
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Yeti has eyes!!!! (at least till they take all my extra trophies)
His pool brings all the frogs to the yard, and they're like,...
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