Pascale's Snaps

Love to you all, especially Lyell!
I will miss this loveliness.
All you need is Love.
I <3 Glitch!
Dance, Forehorseman, dance.
Especially Glitch…
All hail the Forehorseman!
EOTW dong
I'm going to miss this vista.
Heli kitty is in ur street…
May dandelion puffs forever light your way.
Blending in.
So pretty!
Zombie miner glitch is scary.
It's all gone sideways.
Story of my life.
Last to leave.
I am so sad and angry and sad that this wonderful world is going...
So many doors to nowhere…
Abassid City! I always wanted to visit here!
Nothing says End of the World like a bad pun .
The Forehorseman is making me nervous.
Alas, I shall never have a Stoot of my very own.
Among the lights.
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