WeavingTheWeb's Snaps

Hmm, can't remember what it is that I was selling in that bottom...
Have to agree with everyone else, this is awesome!!!
She's so cute!
She has been standing there all day, think she has a crush on...
'Smashin' Party @ Pipette's house!
Can I haz the moon to put it on my street pretty please?
What's not to love!?
[bug] I imagined an inside herb garden!
Moved to Eventide but I miss my crystals hanging from trees
Not sure if this is working as should already, if so it's driving...
Almost perfect!
Erm, no thanks!?!?
Knew I shouldn't have taken that last pumpkin ale... brah
The Shiny Object That Was a Dirty Fork
Glitch Olympic Cauldron; Peace, Love & Hope... Awesomesauce!
The Squeaky Cauldron, 2nd floor and roof terrace (wip)
The Squeaky Cauldron, Lobby and 1st Floor... (wip)
Yay, got it! I've been doing it wrong (outside-in) all the time, lol
The Squeaky Cauldron :o)
Hope it can one day look like a garden shed but yay for towers!
Amberlyza! Brought 25 keys, only took me 2 to get there,lol
Looks like someone 'got milk' lol
I wish that once in a while he'd smile at me, grumpy old tree...
Nothing but a butterfly...
Ur's Most Pathetic Tree!
I'd love to have a stairway like this in my house. Got to have...
Fernucopia finally! And ooooh what's that thing over there...?
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