Stars' Snaps

It's full of stars.
My giant section is complete :)
Love the wisps of smoke, though they look like an angry mouth...
What a vigil -- best community ever <3
This is my favorite new special area yet!
Arbor Hollow :)
Abandoned house wallpaper... Miss you, Lx.
Ancestral Lands wallpaper
Purple scene suitable for a wallpaper
Finally, my cubi collection is complete!
Talking trees!
We might be giants!
Looks like a sleepy hug :3
The climbing chicken!
Used to be lines outside this door! Now, it's as abandoned as any...
I remember when I used to have a house like this...
What would we see from here?
Scenic shot of Cebarkul. Really, I just loved the colors. Wish we...
Inside and outside, all in one!
The Series II section of my cubimal wall :)
Getting into landscape photography :3
I'm glowing!
None of the butlers would shut up about Oppidian Avenue, so I...
Haze found an awfully nice seat! I'd love to learn how to sit on...
My best trollface during a purple-induced haze.
It's a fruit and egg rainbow... everything is floating! :)
A bright idea...
Confusing jellies for brains? Silly butler.
Nova visiting the forests :)
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