Vocable's Snaps

Good work by all!
Dancers with glamor and moves!
In a cavern, in a canyon, chasing batterflies for poop ...
Scene taking place in a front-yard pumpkin patch!
Eevil lair of Kang and Kodos, note dripping blood and (shudder)...
Emerena practicing with us for the Zilloween chorus line!
Oooo very nice batterfly outfit
I unexpanded a bit and made a huge mess, but still I am kinda...
Smile everybody!
Full cast plus PANsy our wonderful enabler plus me Vocable the...
Scarlett is taking responsibility, yay Scarlett Bearsdale!
Cast photo for the Premiere!
Tired but happy after our play premiere!
Floor 8: Stage set for The Shiny Object That Was a Dirty Fork...
Elegant theatre bar (Floor 7) from which the audience cams up to...
The stage is set for tomorrow's show: 1 p.m. Boston time, The...
shiny shiny everywhere!
Come to Players & Performers, Live All Year's very first...
Always party time in Cheese Danish King's tower!
Fun friendly informal room in Splendora's tower, great clubhouse...
Flowery Pott has such a pretty garden!
It was the theatre, land of fantasy, drug-induced or otherwise.
You guys!! What are you looking at?
Playing with chat bubbles
Stacking players! To avoid text overlap!
Excellent job by Pali as sheep in a Glitch Fruit tree!
Coming soon to a Glitch Theatre near you?
Action tryout set: A sheep in a tree, ready to fly (or plummet)
Stage setting for Glitchy version of classic drama, you are invited!