Lilleh's Snaps

Goodbye, watcherbear! You did a fine job!
Uh-oh. They are swarming...
Little bear contemplating.
Visiting Jeremy.
Staring into the abyss.
I'm in the picture!
Awww, pretty!
Cute little glowing 'shrooms.
Uh oh. How did I end up down here?
A hole in the ground? I wonder if it leads to Ix...
Deimaginator on my table! How rude!
Craftybot by the fireplace. <3
Ooooh! A box! Exciting!
Setting free my cubimals...
Farewell bear and sad bear.
Watcherbear needs something stronger than coffee today.
Nope, not done at all.
Never got around to arrange my house properly.
Nice to know you, Glitch! :(
Standing in the slobber of dinosaurs...
You want me to prime what now?
These roots are not made for talking. Maybe the tree will answer.
Another one! I wonder if it will be friends with me...
Trying to figure out where the tree to this root is. Asking...
Bogplants under water!
Is it just me or does this ice formation resemble a giant hand?
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