Lilleh's Snaps

"And that is me, back when I accidentally unpacked the last...
But why are the snails gone?
I love this place, can I move in please?
Itsy-bitsy Opening! Not much to see yet, but more will follow!
Watcherbear watching over my still empty tower. I hope he isn't...
Is it just me, or is this cave really a monster?
They got our eyes! o.O
I haven't seen much of the new island yet, but from now on I...
Awwww. And it was a nice Summer's Day, too.
Almost there!
Cheer up already, chick!
Welcome to your new home, Igor!
Hello Butler! xD
Piggy and I trying to talk to that odd little tree.
"grassy ballgown" xD
Onion loves the tree!
A Green Onion!
Meeting the Rube in a shadowy basement... good idea?
Failing a complaint
onion trying to charm the butterflies
bewitched backyard
Maybe I can't, but that ledge apparently can! xD
"Hello Mr. Gnome!" "Hello fireflies!"
uh oh