Steelsun's Snaps

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Wrong on so many levels, which is why I like this game.
Hammy Lovin
Why you peepin out of that hole?
Ur's SETI project
Dey are like de bubbles are alive mon!
What up? Nuttin, just chillin by the fireplace.
Me Likey!
I shall dream of tetris
Gretsky Scores!
so many people trying to die
Wow, a first for me.
I like this place
Dinner's strung up and draining, big stew pot is boiling.
There's the pot, where's the gold?
Eyes! the eyes! AAAAAAAAH
They put me on a pedestal!
Camping out
so how does this occur?
like the little evil angel on one's shoulder
its gonna eat us!
It's got me and taking me away!
Is this my new anamatronic cherry-2000?
Awesome tower
And he spoketh: "Whoa Dude!"
:`( All I heard was something about a probe!
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