Troy McClure's Snaps

My favorite spot in my house. Soon to be gone.
Me neither. Goodbye everyone, and thanks for all the fish.
I've treed him!
If I tickle it, will itwake up?
No room in hell ..?
Working hard, or Gnikrow drah?
Me and a helicat
Hmm ...
Farewell, Glitch.
Call me Ishmael ...
Check out that hinder ....
Free range gnome?
Hmm ....
Standing on sentiment ...
Somebody lost a wheel ...
I'm a rook! Only my eyes are visible.
Underwater rainbow
I was framed, I tells ya! Framed!
I'm being followed by a ghost shadow ...
Top of the tree, ma!
Holy crap. this is a lot of people!
The world's biggest firefly?
Back in the old days, chickens were bigger ...
What a beautiful background ....
Viking Bunny approves of the new lighting!
I shrunk! Or that is one giant pig.
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