Tricia McMillan's Snaps

I am surrounded by weirdness!
Aw, they haven't opened their botler.
Wow, an antique store!
Is Uncle Friendly out to lunch?
Jumping on PT's bed and getting dirt everywhere!
I think the frog is waiting on the Subway.
2 rubes walk into a bar....
Yay! Me tiny, Jess big!
Me tiny, next to a giant, Lucidess is regular size
Heehee, Jess and Tricia! Big stuff!
Woohoo! Giant in Winter wingding!
Vixen...scares me.
D'Oh! Party fail!
Poor Moirologist died in a bog, swallowed up!
I want to be here in RL, with a camp chair and my kindle!
Next to my own grave stone? Lag is sometimes comical!
Little toy vendor!
Summer's Day!
Aw, sad street spirit! Okay, okay, I'll buy another cubi box!
The question is, what have I been making today?
Could be worse, I guess
BachJess LOVES to garden!
Hmmm, Apparently I soaked Jess instead of my plants. Heehee
I always have the answer!
Yep, this will take all night. *sigh*
Kinda looks like the "Hell Face" is smashed!