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My Magic Rock turned into a Metal Machine.
Taken by Lazy Cubimal
The edge of Gentle Island, before jumping into the real world
Taken by stoot barfield
Notsomuch, cuz you're STUCK, juju :P
Taken by acro, obviously
My adored Ilmenskie Jones cubimal. He gets the cushy perch,...
Taken by Flowerry Pott
Dear Stoot - Replacement Zubes not working out - Please return...
Taken by Uncomfortabelia
Thank you, piglet, for liking me so much that you never complain...
Taken by girlthulhu
Help! My outside is coming in!
Taken by chilirlw
Wow, an antique store!
Taken by Tricia McMillan
... and me fighting off the invader!!!
Taken by xombiekitty
I don't think Rube will appreciate the rocks in Bortola trying to...
Taken by Errata Stigmata
Half way done with the WTF project.
Taken by The Cat Face
Thanks to the amazingly wonderful, Kai, I have a Glitchmas Yeti...
Taken by xombiekitty
A new floor in my tower, with a space for sweet Urthly delights...
Taken by Errata Stigmata
My Zubes-Diablo Cover Band
Taken by Uncomfortabelia
thank you for the art!
Taken by moucri
Maru, since you like so much to sleep in dirt, you could use this...
Taken by Lazy Cubimal
Taken by oscarette
Innie? INNIE?
Taken by kevbob
proof that you won't get big and fat playing games all day
Taken by bored no more
When I grow up, I will be a Bureaucroc !
Taken by Lazy Cubimal
Finally, i have the right props to make the monochrome/old...
Taken by Soupie?
The Towah is built, and it appears that Jeeves is now the...
Taken by retstak
radioactive bubble tree???
Taken by moucri
I love the new, free, customization options for the outside of...
Taken by Vocable
Now open: The Poison & Poop Shoppe. Floor 2 of 30 Bacon-o Plaza.
Taken by Lord Bacon-o
? TS! Thank you for Glitch!
Taken by Saywhat
He tasted me, but then spit me out! :)
HAHA! Check out the cooking corn, meat, and potatoes. Even better...
Taken by Rascalmom

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