Innie?, Obviously's Snaps

Avery jumps over the moon!
What a pretty moon!
Petite Bodacious Munchkin Society!
stoot hid my clothes. This is not funny!
I found an ancient rock! Ages ago, the rocks were alive. What...
stoot in all his nekkidness!!
Trisor is not amused.
Sitting in the tree
Love the messy!
Just hanging out....
I want this fire, and I want this tent!!!! *cries and begs* Puh...
You want me to roll in the hay? But that's itchy...even when...
Nope, alcohol will not entice me. But your expression might!
First its his meat, now its his family jewels!!!
Yeti covered me in his meat!!
My secret garden. No, you cant have what Im growing!!
LIES!! Your toys are too much .
These QQs are way too hard to find in Haoma!!!
You are doing what, with whom, on Trisor?!! You dirty Yeti!!
Angry Trisor is angry!
I lobe Trisor.
Go to Hell? Gladly!!!
We are tiny!
Me, and my favorite giant, Trisor.