Vera Strange's Snaps

Hanging with Lil Bit, my butler. She rocks.
I call it home.
I call it Strangealia.
a sparkly miner mining sparkly
but i only have one chunk of sparkly! really! just one! you can...
Pig interrogation
killing giants
waitaminute! what was that they said about being undead?!
Wait a minute!
Aww a poor little bear left abandoned in Kalavana. I have adopted...
Somewhere under the rainbow way up high there's a.... strange...
Rescuing Ancient treasures with Ilmenskie Jones
Pride. (zoomed out)
This tool vendor has no goods! And won't buy mine! What kinda...
Flyin' Scion
Rock's Lemvy is causing problems on the ol' homestead.
I made a new friend! He's a little transparent.
whooo whoo who...
Dragon hungry.
That's a lot of Pot!
I just can't make this crab happy!
Hanging out in Strangealia
My upstairs is finally coming together! Now to get the second...
New backyard! The fireflies seem to be drawn to it.
Happy fun decorating times!
Dragon is hungry!
ack! it's getting hot in here!
Happy dragon! (or angry. same difference if you're a dragon.)
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