KhaKhonsu's Snaps

To go with my new look, I gave the street and the butler...
Some days you just need a whole new look, you know?
Working to improve the shrine in my tower
One day this small sanctuary will tower to the heavens
The start of a nice shrine in the lobby of my Tower
Flying with the mysterious creature
Once Upon a Summer's Day
More pictures of domestic tranquility
A peacful day at home with my new roommates
I'm not sure how much help the new bulter is going to be
Teleportation testing for the Top-Secret Experiment
Gravity testing for the Top-Secret Experiment
Treasure map for the Top-Secret Experiment?
Prizes for the Ssssuper-Ssssecret Experiment
Chillin in Umbra, no filter needed.
An overview of my house and the back garden
Relaxing with Senior Funpickle after a long day's Glitching
Working on new projects up in the machine room on the top floor
The first floor of my house with areas for chatting and reverence...
The first floor with space for chatting with friends and a view...
The workroom on the top floor for machines and projects.
The second floor of my house with a cozy area for relaxing, and a...