Fahara's Snaps

Me and my butler Bigglesworth
Unexpected gifts
Me and my alter-ego Lucretia, meeting for the 1st (& last)...
Playing the game within the game
Pocketing Salmen
My garden, pt.2
My garden, pt1
My home.
My home street pt.4
My home street pt.3
My home street pt.2
My home street pt.1
My tower - Ground Floor, Cafe Bar
My tower - Level 1, Alchemical & General Stores
My tower - Level 2, Grocery Store
My tower - Level 3, Passports to Ur
My tower - level 4, The Quiet Room
My tower - Level 5, Cubimal museum
My tower - Level 6, Zilloween World
My tower - level 8, Furniture village
My tower - Level 7, The Machine Room
Rook on my home street, a sign of the end of days
Rook horror
Ground floor of my house, post-party cleanup!
1st floor of my house
Setting free the rogue house-chickens
Party time at Tangerine's
Getting the house party badge
On a feat
Herb gardens galore!
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