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The moon and booze - sigh.
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I'll be a really good girl. I promise. Please take me with you!
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Amythien falls in love
Taken by Amythien
The Spud Family clicks the wroooong kind of Pay per View...
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The Adventures of Gary the Gyno
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fulla beans....obviously
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TS Water Cooler Talk
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Ur's First Atomic Reactor - Initial Test Scheduled for Dec. 9th
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your love is a creepy kind of love.
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mommy and daddy in looooooove and their purple hue offspring
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Suddenly sudv seems more appealing to me...
As we sing to Ur Good Night
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... and Vivid wins the game!
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And the winner is...
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This is how the deadly Sand Octopus attacks its prey.
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Hatching a Plot!
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Are you my daddy???
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We huddle together, knowing that these could be our final moments...
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so purty :) I think I like the night snow the most
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the beginnings of glitch-henge?
Taken by Arietty
Amythien couldn't help feeling that Sevarus Snape would be proud
Taken by Amythien
Another new region in the works.
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Oh My Goodness.
Taken by Kristen Marie
naked blue man with light up shoes...only 195c! *gold medals not...
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Damn the man
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Protecting our eggs from the snake! NOT OUR BABIES!
Anybody up for some underwater billiards?
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