Puzz's Snaps

While Bruce snoozed, the bears totally spoiled the strawberry seed.
Puzz searches in her pockets for the missing flat-pak building...
Hiding in the tall grass
Roll up, roll up, get your tunes here.
Burt and Koftun eye one another suspiciously.
Bruce reprimands a recalcitrant bear.
Despite the 'Do Not Press The Button' signs, Puzz can't resist.
Finally, after much searching, Puzz finds her passport photo.
Awww! I are loved :)
Whoo-hoo! The carnival has come to town.
C'mon bear! Stop eating the cheese and bounce with me.
OMG! He's here again
Rube in the pig pen
Wha.. I locked all the windows and doors! How did you get in here?
OMG!!!!!! Yayz and yippees
Revenge of the knitting needles
Mwhahaha, experimenting on bears
Following my star
Offerings to the emo bear
Now.. where did I put that faded heart.. hmmm
Ah ha.. gnome pizza delivery!
You can never have too much bunting.
Now to hoover the carpet. All that dust from the moving boxes......