Djabriil's Snaps

A Djabriil high-colonic.
I feel like Jonah.
D'awww... he's plumb tuckered out!
Another old friend to say goodbye to :(
I'm a sh!t-head.
Sometimes what's in the background is the compelling part.
Hello, old friend. It's been too long.
Perilous? You have no idea...
if Trisor ain't happy... ain't nobody happy.
Par-TAY :D
Me, the Rube, and Siuruan Untold.
Meta as Hell.
Where my first apartment ever was (number 401, down the hall from...
First time meeting my Craftybot.
Who the deuce are YOU?!
Nuh-uh! I'm GOOD!
Awfully... *phallic* around here... ;)
Under the Table and Dreaming.
If only, mini-Stoot.
Don't make a sound. I don't wanna get mauled by a kitty.
Frozen pork.
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