I was not expecting creepy flamingoes here.
Ann DramaDuh
Ooooh! I would've loved to play here!
10 years ago
What was north, east and west of Wonderland? How about ana and kata (the fourth dimension directions)? And what WAS Wonderland? :)
10 years ago
rook knight =]
yeah would have been fun to stroll around there
10 years ago
Bad Robot
Say hullo to the dormouse for me.
10 years ago
Sweet Stuff Ng
Is it just me, or does it look like there are two flamingos stuffing their heads into that winged skeleton's butt in the middle?! O.o
10 years ago
Misty Mountain
it does give off a creepy wonderland vibe. still would've loved to visit there.
10 years ago
If only this would've been a larger size I would've used it as a new background for everything!
I love the dark mood in this one!
10 years ago
Mocha Maid
Skull-flowers and upside-down trees, oh my!
10 years ago
I think this spells glitch!
9 years ago
can we have more snaps please
9 years ago
Little Poundcake
Hmmmmm maybe? I can't think of anything to snap!
9 years ago
Little Poundcake, you should go to the very far right of that street and take a snap ;)
9 years ago
Little Poundcake
Oh, you mean this dude? He's my new bestie. www.glitch.com/snaps/PHVAEG...
9 years ago
The flamingos . . .

9 years ago
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South of Wonderland
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