Kii's Snaps

Cubimal Collection (Series 1)
Haraiva tourism
"Last visited 415 days ago"
Baby gas tree = cute!
"Ode to Zilloween" at Lolly Lives's amazing tower
Firebogness overload <3
I don't know how they got there, but they are still playing
Tii Saves
Home 1st floor after end-of-the-world credits
Tea Lounge - Redecorated with end-of-the-world credits
Hi lizard! (he never replies)
This caterpillar didn't want to become a model
Tea Party to celebrate the first beanbag!
Intimidating. But that tree is super cute.
Okay, this is the second time I'm passing by here today and it's...
I'm not sure if I should be here...
Just add a tree or two and I could stay here
Tea Lounge: open! Re-redecoration: indefinitely on-going..
I want a house in a place like this
New walls (and last beta tester credits)