MrConkin's Snaps

Nigh, the end.
Feel smaller than big up here, at the edge of the world.
We come from a land down unda
Tried to spell "cheesy" but this came out instead.
I <3... myself?
They're moving in herds. They do move in herds...
Being chased by the Hicons
Dat grin
True Canadians.
Sit and think spot.
Party at Vera's. Peas brought his box.
I think this is Kansas, Pig.
Everything in purple
To the Moon
Vender Lopithicus
Take me to the mothership
So, we found him like this...
Mustard is surely the best condiment.
Captain's log, 15th of Candy: Helga did not shrink upon contact...
A window: Ingeniously stupendous!
I... don't know who I am anymore.
Leap of faith
No filters needed :)
New digs. Trying for a monochrome room. Almost there...