Melismata Rookwood's Snaps

Our first date was going fine until he came home with me and saw...
baby's first purple trip
C'mon, Rube, I'm trying to be stealthy here!
The terrarium-making station on the ground floor of my tower....
Giant moonwalking bureaucrocs!
Scowl at me and I'll scowl back HARDER.
Exciting times!
Sirentist taught us how to hump the wall at the edge of Newcot...
Creases is enjoying himself a little too much.
My first trip to the basement seam streets today brought me to...
These chickens have been stuck together for about ten minutes....
If you are having a sniffly evening so you hang out in Sky Plunge...
My skin looks extra green in Fernucopia.
Squeeze hard, Melismata!
Bruce vs. the anti-gravity spinning wheel
Bruce does a sultry wiggly dance
Bruce does a cannonball into the shrine
What's this light suspended from?
I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of casino.
My new favourite pretend place on the planet.
Sunsets and tree houses = NEW FAVOURITE AREA OMG
more like spacebar to drown :(