Wandering Confusion's Snaps

Speechless for Neil.
Maybe now I won't mind a tower taller than my house and I will...
My very special vendor friend.
Kinda fun looking in the garden
Swimming in Nylon Phool
Such a pretty picture
My poor Jack-o-Lantern... stuck in the table!
Zilloween Goodness!
Death becomes us :D
Such a pretty spot.
Ta Da!
Bored @ Fareth's Loungw
Still Bugged
Death Party!
My eye feels funny.... but hey, I can see my feet!
Onward with Floor 2!
Been wanting to try out this black and white scheme for weeks....
All done... now to get to work customizing.
One day I will look back fondly at this moment.
Found Him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVbGnspgy_8
I'm starting to find my Gnome a little creepy.
My Kitchen