Bean Boof's Snaps

Ending in Val Holla. Seems fitting somehow.
My Cubis <3
Standing on a squid head.
My toon looks way too gloomy for this Christmas spot.
Sliding across the ice on Sliding Skimmers.
The entryway. I have a thing for food-related decor.
The porno room. For pr0n.
The disco room. Never got finished but it was sparkly and pink...
The floor I never got to finish. It's color though!
Stella, Mom and Ryan chickens. I always made sure to squeeze...
I like this room the best. I am imagine that it would smell...
I could never get rid of that dang blue box.
My living room here is just as messy as my real one.
My chickens Dolores, Corn, Roger, Cupcake, and Dumbo. I shall...
Working on icons!
Juju granny, yay!
I really wish they would have done bunnies. :(
Currently using up all my keys for seam streets!
I wonder what's rippling under the water?
I love you too Glitch. <3 Gonna miss you.
Best place yet
I had a dream about a butterfly last night so I guess it's...
Sneaky Rube, coming to meet me in the Vortex
Totally legal, right?
Reminds me of home
My life is complete.
My little daughter doesn't like this place because it's too much...
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