Deimaginators Can't Jump - Part II
acro, obviously
Brazilliant. I've never once succeeded at a smuggler quest.
10 years ago
I have heard that they can climb tho.... Is this an unfounded rumor, or the Giants' Honest Truth?
10 years ago
Morgana The Great
lol :P
10 years ago
They're pretty dumb creatures really - they just plod along in a straight line towards you. Can't climb, can't jump.

Couple of bits of advice for smuggling:
- the smuggler only frequents certain streets. I've had good luck finding him on Peatland Moors and Kitkaa Carom.
- make sure you've got your sound turned on. The deimaginators make a "bzzzt" sound when they appear or disappear. You'll always get one appear in front of you at the beginning of a street but, after you've jumped over him, you'll often get him disappear and reappear ahead of you (that's the double "bzzzt" sound you hear). Having your speakers on gives you that warning that he's now ahead of you
- be very careful on streets where you start inside a cave. There's a couple where if you walk towards the deimaginator and jump, you'll bounce off the cave entrance overhang straight into his lap. The trick is to back-up to draw him into the cave and THEN jump over him.

All-in-all, the most important advice is Don't Panic. The first time I went smuggling I was a nervous wreck. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking. Not surprisingly I lost the package. Now I'm much more relaxed, I stop to scrape barnacles & dig peat and generally mock the starchy-uniformed deimaginators as they lumber towards me. My success rate has improved a lot.
10 years ago
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