CrashTestPilot's Snaps

kayk! I love you, kukubee!
this place is fun!
first time in brillah, scaring chickens.
Rejected concepts for early Crashtestpilots...
luminescent sealife. also, look at that seafloor - uralian.
Piggycorns are go!
off he goes...
king of
homeless on the subway.
among my fondest memories is danny.
distant pretty.
I love you craftybot!!!!
Glitchen playing the Conch of Doom.
I'm going to miss this...
the divergence.
glitch train.
Visit Balzare! Using our innovative transit system.
it is dark in here, and I am scared.
explore ALL the asses!
Oh, dear, that was less than ... tasteful.
Hi in fiber!
I see a rook.
where's my hat?
lonely winter vista
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