Hawkwell's House - first full pass
NICE. Is that a bowflex on the top floor right?
9 years ago
Can I come live with you? My house is still a generic one storey with no decor. Lots of SDBs though. Your house is sooooo nice! I am going to copy the arrangement of SDBs in the kitchen - you got a lot in there without looking overwhelming!
9 years ago
Abbey Rhode
Oh my.....!!! Will you come decorate my place? This is one of the most attractive homes I've seen! Really appeals to my sense of order!
9 years ago
Nice job!
9 years ago
Sparrow Odele
It looks really good!
9 years ago
Moz Art
Decoration par excellence, Hawkwell :) The kitchen is clever - SDB's looking like kitchen cabinets and the wall incorporated into the design. Nicely understated elegance to everything.
9 years ago
Hawkwell Hawkwell snapped this
at 6:42am on May 15, 2012
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