Hawkwell's House - first full pass
NICE. Is that a bowflex on the top floor right?
12 years ago
Can I come live with you? My house is still a generic one storey with no decor. Lots of SDBs though. Your house is sooooo nice! I am going to copy the arrangement of SDBs in the kitchen - you got a lot in there without looking overwhelming!
12 years ago
Abbey Rhode
Oh my.....!!! Will you come decorate my place? This is one of the most attractive homes I've seen! Really appeals to my sense of order!
12 years ago
Nice job!
12 years ago
Sparrow Odele
It looks really good!
12 years ago
Moz Art
Decoration par excellence, Hawkwell :) The kitchen is clever - SDB's looking like kitchen cabinets and the wall incorporated into the design. Nicely understated elegance to everything.
12 years ago
Hawkwell Hawkwell snapped this
at 6:42am on May 15, 2012
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