Unfamiliar's Snaps

Dancing on our good friend Maident's grave :D
Pay no attention to the glitch hiding on the attic perch!
Forest mist
Died in a horrible building accident.
Clouds! And jumping.
View from the rooftop
Died at their peak.
All of these fireflies RIGHT HERE and only two went in my jar!...
Standing on a floating rock in front of a rainbow. Win.
Chillin' out on top of the Bureau.
Firozi. 85mm, 1/250, f/14.
A chorus of butterflies sing when the light hits just right.
Beautiful spot.
Secret paper tree in the background. Intriguing.
Grow, little gas plant, thiiiiiis high!
Inspecting the house from the sidelines. Everything seems to be...
Just chilling down here with the rocks. Go back to your book,...
Cool little Glitch glitch: got a donate bar to come to my house...
A historic moment :)
There were a lot of conch players. That tune never gets old...
What is this? A puzzle?? :O