juv3nal's Snaps

behold! my magnificent collection of artz!
2012 high jump competition (cheatar edition)
I am doing wat now?
illin on the subway
angry faces
oh yay, you CAN snapshot in the middle of an emote
phix, hiding
for my next trick, I will make a Phixion disappear, right before...
i see glitch people (phix is offline at the time this is taken)
oh yeah? you and what army?
haha can't get off the raised platform
can't get me!
see the one on the right looks like he ate too many cubimals or...
secret platform right above here with a high img quoin on it. can...
my trippy hippie den...check the adorbs piglet sitting on the...
bandit has issues navigating a rock
my empty hizzouse. this is what happens during a credit crunch.
nothing to see here, just a chicken in my backyard