Cantaloupe's Snaps

The end of the world looks a little like this.
The last feat.
Just me and the chickens in the moonlight.
Perhaps my favorite street name.
Another shot of me and Hburger - I love her.
Me and Hburger - I love her.
I love the subway.
Always jumping...
About to enter my last new street, ever.
I do like cake...
The giants have Thanksgiving!
Ain't That Dry? No, it's not!
Looking pretty badass, for a wanderer...
In Namaste
Namaste, indeed
Pintura Prosa, I hardly knew you.
Just like in real life
I will miss my house, so much.
Hell, I'll miss you!
In Hari Haring, perhaps my favorite street. I will always...
Is this my 1,259th location? YES!
Hello, Rube's Junkyard!
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