Carnivale Justice's Snaps

Goodnight gassies
Good night backyard. It was nice getting to know all of you gas...
Good night House. You were a lot of fun to decorate and kept me...
Good night to some of my daily "Helpers": Street signs,...
Some of the first things I ever interacted with in Glitch. Pigs,...
Good night Tower, sweet dear animals, and Humbaba
Goodnight Public Machine Room
Goodnight Bog Lodge
Goodnight Room of Remembrence
Sharing the time we have left, with my favourite Glitch ?
The Yellow Herb flowers don't look as yellow today.
That makes all of us, Forehorseman.
This guy...he's too much!
I'm really gunna miss these teeny tiny party people!
Partying with our head in the clouds.
Kitties, and congas, and moonwalks, oh my!!!
And on this day...the Helli Kitties decided to come out and...
Miss Mango and C.J. Party goers to the max!!!
Action seekers!
So much new to see!
New places are so much more fun with frans!
I will hold on to the rays of hope.
Hello, Sloth Cubi
Just some of what I sill miss about Glitch
This must be the place
Little Glitch lost
These are the days....
Sometimes, you just gotta use that gusto!
The Race is on
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