Super Jeebs' Snaps

piggy back rides, 100 currants...happy endings extra
I always love the rainbows after the attacks
is that uvula or mine?
i managed to get myself stuck in the middle by trying some fancy...
make a wish
I didn't think i was that short
a yeti sleep over!
I made it to the other side!
Someone send a hunky fireman my way. My chicken is caught in the...
ooh, someone to haunt my tower...
he seems to doubt there are any brains in Metra's grave.
such a tasty behind. Perkins couldn't resist
I've become an expert
finally! :)
ooh, gifts from the butler!
Does this mean I actually do stuff in this game besides chat?
having my gnome over for a bbq
it's your turn next for the swing
I think these are ilmenskie jones' love piglets. And Glitch E is...
think we can talk him into a foursome?
the rook got her :(
I don't want to be around when that thing hatches
I made him happy
bruce and bruce
Bruce-ing it up
I wonder what's in the box?
rough night drinking with the gnomes
you know what they say about big ears...
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