Pale Queen's Snaps

"Was she born with it? Or is it Grendaline?"
stoot and I share excellent taste in outfits.
Just me and the chicken hanging out in Cebarkul.
Soupie lands in the lava!
After the first full turn of The Floor Is Lava. Nobody's fallen...
... and now the Omega.
... and I use my glorious primary position in the alphabet to be...
I am the Alpha!
Apparently it has been 354 days since my last confession.
Apparently my mind is mostly tongue. Seems about right?
The rooks are fractious tonight.
I resurrected kevbob from the dead!
The Sparkly Route, picked clean before I even got here!
We're pretty intimidating with our hats
Now we're ALL dressed for the feat.
Scarlett's dressed for feating!
Remembering what I love about Glitch.
Something seems odd about the pigpen...
Come now, that's not a very nice thing to say about yourself.
Thanks to the feat, I visited this awesome little place for the...
Huh, it seems like the wheel spun so fast it made itself dizzy.
Aleister Crowley, for the Sgt Pepper project!
A little oasis in the desert. Or is it a vision?
I am almost as big as a TREE!
Ah, I love Cebarkul at five to midnight.
The three R's: Rook, Rube, Rainbow
kevbob called this rook attack! EPIC!
Hanging out in BtP's kitchen, chopping vegetables for dinner...
I'm always rushing around Hell just before New Day and have never...
Has anyone else noticed that there are fossils in Hell?