Voluptua Sneezelips' Snaps

This kinda made my day...
Welcome, noses!! (how appropriate that we got paired for a greet)
Varaeth has an echo!
Welcome back, Quincy!
Fyo hires a spokeschicken
Beans tries to explain her reasoning for staring at a sleeping Havok
Bruce the Third - In Flight
Bruce the Third - Hi!
Bruce the Third - Ghostflight
Bruce the Third - Under a Donut
Underwater creeper
I give Alona a big welcome
A toast to komakino's first day! Great way to start...what's this...
A real rook joins the parliament!
Baby bird can't fly! Maybe she should try riding a horse through...
Rooks joined by a lone Flamingo
The Parliament takes flight...terrorising a poor new player....
Rowdy Rooks
the PBMS Parliament of Rooks is growing!
The PBMS Parliament begins to assemble...
Oh...Var...you look FANTASTIC
Steampunk-Flapper madness in Timtim Timm
Yes. Here. Here is where I wish to live. In the Society of...
Tripartite lurking
And LO! We found more letters!
Dying for the snap contest
The Floor is Lava - Board Game Party
PQ is mesmerised...
There's only one safe spot when a kiltless kevbob is on one's...
Two hot little numbers on my street.