Voluptua Sneezelips' Snaps

Take *that*, Koftun-juju! I leap you in defiant celebration!!
SimsWubber starts off her glitch tenure by garlic-kissing two of...
one of these things is not like the others...
Blending in.
News flash! Hot chick scandal! Fyo...caught red-handed.
Sharding with the boys :)
Totally creeping on these 2 cute little things right here...
*starts tracking Cosma*
Ummm...that rod isn't metal, buddy...
Cats find ways into the tiniest crevices...
Fyo's ghost: Nightmare
Fyo's ghost: New piercing
Fyo's Ghost - Pig Pen
Fyo's ghost - Rube
Fyo's ghost: Game of chicken
Fyo's Ghost: Blow job
Fyo's ghost: Better gardening methods
Rube and Wrizzards, anyone????
A shard stack of 17 bazillion ppl (okay, 34) waiting for quoins
Cleops!! It's one of the stripper poles!!
Welcome to Glitch, Blake!
I'm not dressed for this weather...
Ghost of a Rook cubi in an sdb (after sdb was given to me by Piece)
A little pile of brightness outside my door. Thank you!
Happy 60, Pascale! What an amazing spread!
Bouncetastic sharding! (In the politest possible way.)
Rampant nekkidity in Ceb
BL IS BACK!!! Thanks, stoot!! <3
Bring BL back to Timtim, please???
Protesting the loss of Big Lick in Timtim Timm