emdot's Snaps

Can't bring myself to close the window.
I just don't want it to end. :(
oh that cute little leg stretch. love it.
Goodbye Heli Kitty. I wish we could have been together longer,...
goodbye makeshift fireplace. you were fun to make.
Goodbye fireplace
little last minute food buying.
two-toned fro
the ongoing population explosion of the stoots and yetis.
end of days in Cebarkul. filled with everything BUT the Battras.
if i hide out here maybe they won't notice and i can stay and...
where aren't you, horse?!
hug me.
Th forehorsemen in the deeps of ilmenski.
Flipside throne
Queen Emdot
Flipside with your killer quoins, you were a daily stop for me.
Oh my little 3K img quoin on Konkan Carom, you were very good to...
bonzai for the EOTW.
i could spend the rest of the game simply chasing this kitty.
... for the game.
use your words, horse.
don't believe the neigh-sayers.
Sorry Crafty, but today you move from Chez Emdot to the Craftybot...
at TCF's
smashed at my house!
smashed again? i may need help.
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