My new Time Machine - 2012 here we come!
Osiris χ
Take me with you! I'm stuck in 1986 D:
10 years ago
well we tried it and a small black hole appeared and nearly sucked me off! I say...thankfully i had young Perkins with me, fine young man, and we've rebuilt the bugger using good old British gumption and spunk. God Save us all.
10 years ago
Addi Bee~♥
Sucked you off, eh? *snerk*
10 years ago
trust you! You brazilian girls!!
10 years ago
NutMeg Botwin
bahahahahahaha addi I laughed at that too....glad it wasn't just me!
10 years ago
magrat garlick
we have to go back tot he future marty!
10 years ago
Piece of Serenity
This is brill!
10 years ago
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