The Cat Face's Snaps

This seems Miser Able...
Firebog Fire Hair!
Riding The Rube
Rube in the 4th Circle of Hell.
Fixing the Weather Machine
Cue: Theme from Rocky
He'll be comin' round the Mountain when he comes...
Mini me
OMG the Rube FINALLY gave me a Doll!
Third Floor: Exhibit Planning, Excuse The Mess.
The Magic Rubetato Creates an Invisible Shelf!
The Mysterious Traveler...
Chez LL
Two Summer Days!
Ima let you finish but....
Hungry for Tacos
Cooking with Fire
My New Hovel
Stuck in Jail!
DO NOT SWIM in Donut Grease Lake!
Holy Imagination Batman!
The Onion Rings of Saturn
The Effs Have It!
Levitation Trance
Permit me....