Kross, the Empress' Snaps

Spying the elusive Chick-fil-A chicken!
What is this??
Shooting Stars!
Walking in a winter wonderland...
The land of the gnomes?!
Jal is so beautiful!
The new regions are so gorgeous!
La Palace
Do the 'bot!
I am the oppressor of butterflies! I stand on their fragile backs!
I'm in HEAVEN!!
Mountain Scaling!
Abysmal thrills!
Fields of GOOOOOOLD...!
Are my butterflies trolling me? How did they get that milk up there?
Imma STAR!
Threatening someone's butler, lol
Black and White and Red All Over!
Get all your chickens in a row... wait, that's not how it goes...
Me n the happy moon
House Side right
My new living room
My new machine room
Moving in...
My last look at my bog house
Sweet Living Room