Arthur Mo's Snaps

It's the end of the world as we know it
Going back to dev jumping. One-to-one style. <3 jdawg
what on ur are you doing down here? Here I thought I'd get some...
Us too, caley. Us too. x
But there *is* no later, you fool...
Who are you calling a loser?
Who? Me?
Paying homage to the Giant's at mira's
So, why the long face?
I beg to differ, oaty-nose
but I was hiding!
Not a flippin' wonder with you making all that racket
Just your usual Friday night haunt in Nottingham...
M. Sartre just left?
Seriously, craftybot, I have to fetch the laughing gas for you now?
"So, Stoot, you look like a man in need of a happy pill. Let...
Drowning my sorrows
"Upgraded 683 days and 11 hours ago, Led by Arthur Mo......
Jellisac Sunset
Seriously, a piggy and a butler? That's all you needed?
Hangin' out at Caley's #musicblockenvy
Musicblock envy *sobs*
So long, Farewell...
bye, bye bear
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