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Goodnight, Grendaline.
Jumping bye, over a field of butter
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PETA would probably be concerned about this too...
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Bye, Fitadara Fry, where I bought my second firebog house and had...
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Playing with my pickle in the pickle museum - not sure if that's...
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I'm not usually a fan of gnomes - they've always kinda creeped me...
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I know just how you feel, dusty stick :(
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First time I've been warm today
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Better late then never
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Where'd Chook get the bubblegum?
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Forget the img Rock, tell me if Binky knows about this box! He'll...
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And I will lie guarded within and there to dream of all I have...
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Milk the Cat Face? this is not the game you were seeking.
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I thought playing MB for crabs was cute for awhile but bored...
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camo fun
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