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Just how good do you have to be in order to wear the Crown...
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Me, Ayn, and the dustball, who is prone to exaggeration.
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When left undisturbed, the egg-like metal rock births hundreds...
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solar system! cool!
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When you have just enough to buy that utterly useless thing you...
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Lesson one: 'Clear the mind' Omm...
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I haz big ears.
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Two Summer Days!
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kat on the moon
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Cloud Rings was fun. But now I just want a cigarette to blow me...
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All my machines puffing along :)
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I collect squid cubimals...can I hassss you too? You look a lot...
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Yeah, right. He just wants me to get in the hot tub with him.
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I was disappointed there was no real rook egg in Eglantine's...
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Learning important facts about the dangers of long eared...
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I just don't know how to answer that question....
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This is one of my favorite spots in Ur.
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Oh my...
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First star on the right, and straight on until morning!
First Floor of the Egg Museum
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Eglantine's Epic Egg Museum
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Eglantine's Epic Egg Museum
Taken by Osprey
Eglantine Egg Museum. Worth to be seen. :)
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Museum of Eggs - great place to go on a wet Ur afternoon
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Tower tour 2012 - Eglantine's Tower - Unhappy gnome - I'm such a...
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egg stuff
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Waggish Wander backyard style
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Blossom Thicket - left side
Taken by Glitch E