Nanookie's Snaps

Tha end (countdown to it)
Bye, Sir Omicron Pie.
Bye, Drifa! Bye owl.
Visiting Doctor Yum Yum's Crafty Bot Retirement Home.
bye, Plexus.
bye, unnnnnnnnn
I was distracted at the top by the Rook attack, whilst there was...
Eggy has a sleeping stoot doll in her house.
conga line! I am going to miss these folks.
Serguei's monstah butlah
Tiny-ation party on Serguei's street.
heh, good one.
photobombed by a butterfly!
Cat Face's tower is TEH AWSUM
Bye Gregarious Grange, where I had a sweet little pied a...
Bye, Fitadara Fry, where I bought my second firebog house and had...
Bye Froughtful Fen, where I bought my first firebog home (I think...
Bye, Tallish Crest (where I lived right near a subway and...
Bye Hechey Track (where my first house was)
Bye, May Soup.
This is my favorite street in all of Ur. It's lovely. Plus, it...
El Cubi Dong.
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