Try to wrap your brain around this concept. DO IT!
Letter Jeigh
Is that a train outfit?
(Checks wardrobe)
DAMMiT, why do the devs get all the good stuff?
10 years ago
LOL...the microcosm of the macrocosm, duh! :p *is afraid to see the even bigger train containing the subway*
10 years ago
mira gaia maia
i would appreciate that potion!
wait! it's not a potion? you mean you're bigger than a train and a train fits in a sbway? how can you do that without a potion?! what magic is that?!
10 years ago
kevbob is clearly a WIZARD.
10 years ago
We caught you ;)
10 years ago
Joe Blow
I wonder if there's an even smaller train inside kev's small train.

Or...omg, OR...perhaps a bigger train OUTSIDE of the big train?!?!?

Mind blown!
10 years ago
So awesome!
10 years ago
Joe, that question haunts me- like wondering what's on the other side of the universe!
10 years ago
shhexy corin
it's almost as freaky as this:
10 years ago
You guys are just too much with your nested trains and wall segs. My poor little Glitch brain is spinning.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Zadow, Obviously
I think Eleven Giants are too good for these petty trains. Maybe they have their personal Giant butler driving them around in limousines, that would make sense given they are given so many items.
10 years ago
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