Why did I build a new floor when I haven't finished decorating the first two?
8 years ago
Just means MORE room for your stuff. I did the same thing.
8 years ago
Because you /can/.
8 years ago
'Zad the Destroyer
Its those darn wall segments...once you start you can't stop until you have them all! :)
8 years ago
Better to ask.... why not.
8 years ago
i agree with all. :P
8 years ago
Space is power.
8 years ago
LOL that is what I'm doing too. I agree too with all the above. and talk about parallel worlds. FUEL, so, so much FUEL
8 years ago
Little Miss Giggles
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
8 years ago
bored no more
you mean the first two floors aren't done?
8 years ago
The Cat Face
I ask myself the same question kevbob. WHY?
8 years ago
because it is fun! I am working on 3rd floor too :)
8 years ago
I built a level three because...
I accidentally built too many doors.
8 years ago
Ummm, looks to me like you need a good housekeeper!
8 years ago
whoah Kev...I offer my services as a 'professional glitch decorater' - logging off now but come over to my place when we're both next on-line and see what I'm capable of. If you like what you see, let me loose on your home : ) I love organising and decorating (it's strangely therapeutic :o)
8 years ago
The Pheebs
Never mind why you added another floor. What I want to know is what you have done with you poor rock. I hope you haven't used him in the building project. When investigating the disappearance of said rock they will decide ... It was kevbob, in (what was) the attic, with the construction tool =)
8 years ago
Oh my.... just oh my! When do you have enough time to collect stuff to fill 80 SDB's?!
8 years ago
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