I thought playing MB for crabs was cute for awhile but bored quickly of it. But, when I got the 'Make a Crab Happy' achievement, it was probably the highlight of any award I got in the game. I think I even gushed in Live Help about having just got the award. *squee!*
*belated congrats* I think we all felt like that, out of all the achievements it certainly was one of the hardest to get & worthy of a RL *crab happy dance* :)
10 years ago
Mocha Maid
dances too - I only got it once! Congratulations!
10 years ago
Talia True
I got that one right towards the end and I had to take a screenshot, i was so chuffed lol
10 years ago
I loved getting this achievement too! Very exciting! And then I just kept getting it! Those rewards were great! A big TY to those who played the SB-1 MB each day. (I think that one counted even before we all got one)
10 years ago
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